MVT 32-13 3/13 ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE MOTOR VEHICLE DIVISION P. O. Box 327680 Montgomery AL 36132-7680 mvrecords revenue. Abandoned Motor Vehicle Record Request THIS FORM MAY BE DUPLICATED OR ADDITIONAL COPIES MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DEPARTMENT WEB SITE AT www. An incorrect or illegible vehicle identification number will cause an incorrect record to be retrieved and will require that a new request form be executed and submitted with the fee for the correct vehicle...
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This is dave at the subject comes up quite a bit when we have inquiries from clients what do we do with an abandoned vehicle that has no title an abandoned vehicle is one of the rare instances where there's really no legal way to get a title if you're not the owner or have some contact with the prior owner there's no legal way to recover a title from an abandoned vehicle the only way is to find that prior owner and we perform these services as a title recovery specialist we use access to some of our private investigative connections and colleagues the oftentimes used way to get a title for an abandoned vehicle is to try to use a mechanic's lien process you can look at some of our other videos about mechanic's liens that kind of caution against using that because even if it's a licensed repair facility the only way to get a title for an abandoned vehicle is using the auction process we're frequently called upon to repair faulty titles on abandoned vehicles where somebody got a title to an abandoned vehicle and come to find out it wasn't obtained in a proper way so we have to fix that problem you know vehicle titling is an important process if it's done right it protects you the owner from future claims but getting a title issued by a government authority is taken very seriously so they only issue it either in correct circumstances or when the appropriate representations are made by all the parties and if one of those representations turns out not to be true that title can be snatched back so in abandoned vehicle we call that a level-4 title recovery we go back and find prior owners we get in contact with them we find out what the history is and have that title history reconstructed so that it can be transferred to you the new owner in a band vehicle is exactly that's abandoned it's not transferred to somebody it's abandoned and until there's some legal way of transferring it the title will remain in that prior owner's name and there's no way to legally put into another person's name unless there is some positive transfer to another owner until that point it is literally abandoned and there's no way to to reconstruct that unless there's some mechanic's lien process or some auction process that's not designed to circumvent that direct ownership to somebody else so if you have an abandoned vehicle be cautious about how you do that you can give us a call we can look at some ways to maybe create a title for that but it has to go through proper legal channels so that your title is a clear title that has no potential future claims